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An observation over the years is the common feeling of overwhelm. Life can feel relentless at times. The daily grind of jobs to do, deadlines, bills to pay, worry about your future self and fear of failure can take over. We aim to succeed but this comes with a risk to our well being.
No one wakes up in the morning with a view that they are going to make a deliberate mess of the day. It is also worth reflecting about the mess is this out of proportion ? Do others see the mess or is it within your own thoughts ?
Are there small steps that you can put into play to minimise overwhelm ?
1. Planning the day to be achievable
2. If you need help or support reach out
3. Cancel or postpone non essential events/jobs
4. Acknowledge where you are at the moment knowing you may feel different in the future
5. Breathe ?‍♀️
Everyday is a gift, making yourself unwell to deliver is not worth it.