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A post from our friends @xero

In the spirit of Valentines Day this Sunday, it’s a good time to review and understand your client relationships. Thinking about how important the health of our relationship with our clients are and how this feeds into the health of our business, I have suggested the following 6 thoughts to consider. If you answer ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ then perhaps it is an opportunity to implement change such as communication, service delivery or pricing.

– Do you feel that you and your client both benefit from your working relationship?
– Do you have mutual trust?
– Are you both clear on your terms of engagement service delivery? (bearing in mind this can evolve)
– Are the expectations of payment met by your client?
– Do you feel that you can communicate easily & effectively with your client?
– Have you considered and communicated expanded services that you can offer to your client?

Effective communication, with mutual respect and trust is essential in any relationship. We all understand and know that relationships take effort, I do hope this gives you something to consider on where you can place effort and focus on your client relationships!