Sick Leave Increase

Sick Leave Increase


The new legislation means that the minimum sick leave entitlements for each employee will increase from 5 days to 10 days per year.

Employees will accrue the new amount of 10 days entitlement on their current sick leave entitlement date, provided this falls after 24 July 2021.

What does this mean for you?

  • If we currently take care of your payroll, there is nothing that you need to do.
  • You may need to check with your payroll software provider as to how they have planned to deal with this increase. Some may be automatic, whereas others may require some manual changes.
  • Sick leave liability increases. You may wish to revisit your cashflow forecast, especially around flu season
  • You may need to update your employment agreement templates to reflect this change. At the same time, this may also be a good time to review your overall employment agreements to ensure that everything is up to date and relevant.

We are happy to assist with a review of your employee information and making any required changes, please reach out. We are also offering Xero Payroll Health Checks at a special mid-winter price. Now could be the perfect time to ensure that the health of your payroll is in tip top shape.

Reach out to info@trainingandbeyond.co.nz