TAX – What do I need to know? Where do I find further information?


Inland Revenue Payment Due Dates

When a payment falls due on a weekend or NZ-wide public holiday. There is no penalty for payment by the following working day.

Keep this link handy to ensure you are making payments and filing returns on time to avoid any unnecessary penalty/interest charges – ird.govt.nz/index/key-dates


Applying for Paid Parental Leave

This process is now a lot easier within a new section that is now available in myIR. You can view and update your information directly within myIR, including requesting transfers of leave entitlements to a partner. Some details are even pre-populated.

Check out this link for further information – ird.govt.nz/ppl-changes


Payday filing – version 2 – 1 April 2021

This version has been available since April 2020 and provides more information than the current version. This has been in place if you file through myIR or paper.

Filing through payroll software – your systems should remain very similar. Any issues, contact your payroll software provider

Filing with in-house systems – the new version will need to be built into your system before 1 April 2021

Check out this link for further information – ird.govt.nz/payday-filing-version-2