Xero overview free small business session

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Deep dive into the Xero dashboard at out recent small business session


Xero Overview and Training 

BNZ Centre 19th August 2019

A great session was held on Monday, 19th August at the BNZ centre in Christchurch we had over 40 people registered and had to turn some people away. 

We had a discussion on what is the cloud is and demonstrated the olden days of desktop accounting versus the new way of collaboration and transparency with real time numbers.  Automation has come along way and will continue to be part of our daily lives like netflix as well as our accounting software. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the new normal.  

We considered the 700+ ecosystem partners of Xero and talked about keeping it simple and in-house if possible.


Financial visibility is impertive in this busy modern time of small business, we also deep dived into the dashboard and explained  how this is an initial snapshot with your business.


Time Saving

We looked at saving time on how we can automate some tasks, for example emails to bills, Xero Files  and hubdoc. The Bank reconciliation process has bank rules and the xero mobile app to help. 

Hubdoc Tbl

Batch Payments

Batch payments had a shout out !  So easy and a great time saver particularly with the remittance advice feature.


Xero Mobile App


Surprised that when asked who was using the mobile app only a few] people put their hand up, if there’s anything you get out of this newsletter please download the mobile app for Xero and then understand that this can be your best friend when you’re out and about.


Payment Services

Getting paid faster as really important we know that the two main constraints in small businesses are cash flow and time so it makes sense that if we can automate and save time as well as getting  paid faster by using payment services for example stripe PayPal and gocardless then we are winning.


Invoice Reminders


Did you know that Xero has inbuilt customisable invoice reminders ?  Ask us if you would like more info on this.


Hubdoc is your new best friend


Hubdoc is a no brainer for business that has receipts, bills and the need for document storage.  For $2 per month plus GSt you can have all of this and a nifty mobile app. Ask us to demonstrate to you.


Payroll and Payday filing

Our next small business session on 19th September and that’s all about payroll and payday filing. Register here but be quick as there are only a few seats left.

Payroll Overview and Payday filing


Upcoming sessions


Watch this space,  we are going to deliver reporting sessions, deep dive into projects and workflow as well as spotlight reporting.  In the meantime we are working on downloadable courses that are going to be available on the website very soon so watch this space.


Have a lovely rest of your August looking forward to connecting in Spring.


Any questions, comments or help please email info@trainingandbeyond.co.nz


Mel in action talking about the Xero Dashboard